This website was constructed for a recent applied learning project funded by UNCW’s ETEAL initiative (Experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning). In this project, students explore the relationship between rhetoric and business writing in online contexts, particularly within social media networks. Our first project produced reports for a local business, NEST RealityNEST Reality, analyzing their social media presence. This blog will continue to be used for each new applied learning project in ENG 312 Writing for Business — a course in UNCW’s Professional Writing Major and Certificate.

Course Description
In this completely online writing class, we will explore the various genres common throughout most business environments, including memos, letters, proposals, reports, and resumes. Additionally we will explore how to adapt these genres for online environments and improve your online presence. Consequently, you will be required to explore various Web 2.0 environments through collaborative, individual, and public work. This course is suitable for anyone interested in improving business writing skills and expanding career options during and after university life. By the end of the course, you will have several texts that you can use in professional portfolios and for self-promotion online.

Course Outcomes
This version of the class is completely online. As a result, we will be exploring how business writing works in online and networked environments. What does it mean to reach audiences via social networks, blogs, or websites? How do these contexts shape how we communicate? Ultimately, the goals (or outcomes) of this course are for you to:

  • Employ fundamental rhetorical principles to analyze the persuasive and communicative strategies of business writing in multiple contexts, using multiple genres. (WI 1, WI 2, WI 4, WI 5)
  • Apply different forms of research (primary, secondary, qualitative, quantitative) for specific business writing situations. (WI 1, WI 5)
  • Identify how digital technologies and contexts influence business writing and consider critically the unique affordances and constraints of diverse modalities of writing (alphabetic, visual, aural) and social media. (WI 2, WI 4)
  • Learn strategies for collaborating with colleagues in online and culturally diverse environments.
  • Engage in discussions of the rhetorical effectiveness of various forms of business writing. (WI 4)
  • Reflect on writing processes for inventing, drafting, and revising business genres.
  • Consider the ethical and legal responsibilities of business writers in a digital age, particularly when publishing to the World Wide Web and across cultures. (WI 3)
  • Employ effective practices of design and rhetoric to compose and publish multimodal texts for business audiences. (WI 4, WI 5)


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