Use of the Hashtag

Let’s talk about hashtags for a moment. One of the discussion questions someone posed was if the use of the hashtag, #livewhereyoulove would help Nest Realty grow in popularity, so I want to research the use of hashtags a bit.

If you are new to the social media world in any way, a “hashtag” is a word or phrase preceded by the pound sign (#) to refer to a general online campaign or shared opinion. For example, with the group we are looking into, Nest Realty’s own hashtag is #livewhereyoulove. Live where you love, as described by Ryan Crecelius, is now fairly wide-spread and helps the company track who is engaging in their online community.

Hashtags are efficient means of searching for specific topics, but they also identify a prominent company and its marketing campaign. According to Murtagh in her article, “The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search,” the hashtag is used for the following reasons: facilitate discussion; distribute news, instructions, and information; promote an event or conference; reaching consumers. I believe that Nest Realty’s goal is to stay relevant and prominent in the realty world, especially online where people spend a majority of their these days. In these regards, I strongly believe that the #livewhereyoulove will bolster their business. It’s already beginning to, according Crecelius who claims that other companies have begun to either use the hashtags or variations of it.

In this way, I think a great idea to address would be trying to make the hashtag more prevalent. Ways to do this are to encourage other businesses to use the hashtags, in a similar manner to what Crecelius was talking about with the other businesses getting involved. Another way could be marketing the hashtag on every form of media, plus encouraging clients to utilize it. In these ways, I assume the company’s popularity will go up, first with the recognition of the hashtag on social media and then with the relation to the company.

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