White Space on Social Media. Is There Such a Thing?

By Catherine Restrepo

For this blog, we will be continuing with our Nest Realty segment and jump right back into the topic of online ethos. We will be talking specifically about how online ethos is created by a variety of design elements but with a focus on:

White space.

In my last blog I presented the question: In what ways does Nest Realty portray the same new, fresh and clean persona on a social media outlet where they have no control over the format? Their website does a great job of using white space but how can they promote the same fresh and clean persona if they have no control over the format of social media outlets?

Well, according to Edelman Digital’s white paper on the essentials of social media, Lutz writes that social media is all about the pictures. Lutz goes on to say that, “consumers aren’t just visiting visual sites they are interacting more with visual content.”

Therefore, although a picture is not considered white space, on a social media platform, pictures may be the equivalence of white space. For example, look at these posts from Google+.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.26.41 PM

Figure 1: Google+ Board

The main focus of this page is pictures. It seems like the actual posts themselves are not as important as the picture. This is exactly what Lutz is talking about. The advertisements have been modified to fit their more visual-oriented audience.

In addition to white space, an effective promotion of self on social media is essential. According to “Digital Trends in Real Estate: Internet Research, YouTube Video Listings & Social Media” it is important to keep posts to a minimum when promoting a business on social media. Like the article says, “You wouldn’t shamelessly promote yourself in person to a potential client, so don’t do it online.” This goes along with the idea that white space promotes a no-nonsense type of presentation. This is comparable to the suggestion of keeping posts to a minimum on social media. Just how more white space promotes a fresh and clean feel to the website, the “less is more” approach to posting online is the same thing.
Overall, social media should be an extension of the personal relationship; therefore, just as a business would not bombard their customers with excess amounts of advertisements, this tactic should be continued on social media. As we have just discussed, this could be done through the implementation of white space, pictures and/or less posts in general.

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Shihadeh, Jonathan. “Digital Trends in Real Estate: Internet Research, YouTube Video Listings & Social Media.” Reality Commander. N.D. Web. 15 Nov. 2015

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